17 Gender Announcement Ideas (2024)

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Not sure how to announce the gender of your baby on the way? Choose one of these ideas and share your joy with your family.

17 Gender Announcement Ideas (1)

Written and verified by preschool graduate Marisol Rendón Manrique.

Last update: 20 June, 2023

Announcing whether you’re going to have a boy or a girl is a magical moment when you share the happiness of motherhood. It’s good news that all your loved ones will want to know: And what’s better than doing it in a creative way? Choose what best suits your personality and the moment you plan to break the news with one of the following gender announcement ideas.

The baby on the way is one more reason to gather the family around her and strengthen bonds. Remember that, from the moment it’s in the womb, the child feels love and warmth from its relatives.

So, from the beginning of the pregnancy, feel free to experience happiness and love at its best.

How to announce the gender of your baby?

As indicated by specialists at the University of Toronto, the first gender reveal parties revolved around cutting a cake whose inner color (blue or pink) revealed this mystery. Today, the ideas have diversified in part due to the massification of social networks.

Indeed, we know that videos and images shared on social networks go viral easily, which has led many to stage parties and themed or somewhat extravagant gender announcements to communicate the sex of the baby, as a study developed at the University of Ball addresses.

This has also led to many gender reveal parties not celebrating the pregnancy or the mother’s process, but rather focusing on the impact or originality of breaking the news, as Terri points out in her 2021 research.

This is to say that pregnancy, the baby-to-be, and the family are the most important aspects of any event related to them. Don’t shy away from revealing whether you’re having a boy or a girl freely, but always do it safely and without overly exposing your privacy. Here are some ideas.

1. Balloons with confetti

Buy balloons of different colors for each guest at the gender reveal party. Before inflating them, fill them with pink confetti if it’s a girl and blue it’s a boy (although it’s also possible and advisable to use other shades if you want to have a less classic theme).

17 Gender Announcement Ideas (3)

If you don’t get confetti easily, you can buy paper of the indicated colors and cut it up yourself. During the celebration, give each person a balloon and a pin so that, at the same time, they receive the news.

2. Piñata

When the attendees at the family gathering are of various ages, take the opportunity to give them a moment of fun. Fill the piñata with pink or blue candy or small soft toys that give a clue. Bring childhood times to life by singing and taking turns trying to break the piñata.

3. Treasure hunt

Fill a wooden chest or box with boy or girl clothing and some candy. Then, draw a map with directions for all the guests to start the search. Choose a day with warm, sunny weather so you can do this activity outdoors.

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Flavored milk shakes

17 Gender Announcement Ideas (4)

You can buy ready-made milkshakes or make healthy shakes at home to share with attendees. If it’s a boy, we recommend using blueberries or blackberries, for example, and if it’s a girl, choose cherries, strawberries, raspberries, or watermelon. In addition to enjoying the company of loved ones, you can learn a couple of healthy recipes.

5. Cupcakes with colorful filling

Prepare a delicious snack with cupcakes filled with colorful cream. It’s even possible to plan an afternoon of cooking with the family and take advantage of the occasion to communicate your gender announcement.

6. Magic liquid that changes color

Buy a powdered mix to prepare drinks. At the time of the big reveal, give the guest a glass in which you have put some of this powder. Then, ask them to add water to make the color appear with which they’ll know the sex of the baby.

7. Paint Guns

For a fun time with family members, ask them to come to the event wearing clothes that can be painted. Fill water guns with water mixed with a little blue or pink paint and let the fun begin!

Go to the beach, the woods, or a park with open spaces to make this gender announcement activity a success.

8. A box with helium balloons

17 Gender Announcement Ideas (5)

Decorate a cardboard or wooden box and put some helium balloons of a specific color in it. When you open it, the announcement will take flight and everyone will know if you’re expecting a boy or a girl.

9. Scratch-and-win card

With your own hands, some paint, cardboard, and a printed card, you can make a scratch-and-win card. If you don’t have time or a lot of manual skills, you can also enlist the help of a graphic designer. With a coin, guests can find out who the new addition to the family will be

10. Gift and surprise

This option is much more fun if you don’t know the sex. For this, of course, you don’t have to have access to the test results. Entrust them to a third party and let yourself be carried away by the preparation of a gift that will be all wrapped up. The surprise will come to you and your guests if the person who saw the test results knew how to keep the secret.

11. The mysterious envelope

When the guests arrive at the celebration, they’ll receive an envelope. One of them will contain the secret. The game consists of opening them when the time comes.

The one who has the lucky envelope will earn the right, for example, to suggest the first choice of the baby’s name from a list provided by the parents. That decision is quite difficult, but chance can bring good luck.

12. Fizzy tablets

17 Gender Announcement Ideas (6)

Locate fizzy tablets in the market in the defining colors of the baby’s sex. These are sold exclusively for these moments. Then, present guests with an opaque glass containing the appropriate tablet and slowly pour in water. The color of the foam will announce the most anticipated news of the day.

13. Video: One of the best ideas to announce whether you’re having a boy or a girl

From week 20, you’ll be ready for the morphological ultrasound that will reveal the sex of the baby. Still and moving images will emerge from this exam, which you can save with the doctor’s audio. Then, when you have them, create a projection at the most special moment of the gathering, dim the lights, and make everyone comfortable. Activate the video and accompany the emotion of the audience.

14. Colorful volcano

Surely you remember from school how to make a paper-mâché volcano with baking soda and vinegar in the crater. Perhaps it was a craft that you had carried out in class to learn painting, plastic, and even chemistry. Well, with this image in mind, to that same mixture, you can add a few drops of food coloring (pink or blue, as the case may be) to make the secret erupt.

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15. The bouquet of flowers

What if the mother receives a bouquet of blue dahlias if it’s a boy or a bouquet of pink begonias if it’s a girl? In any case, the game is to have a flower arrangement with the predominant color that will reveal the sex of the child delivered during the gender announcementthrough a home delivery service.

A detail that would make this special moment so delightful is for the mother not to know the results of the exam and for them to arrive inside the envelope that accompanies the bouquet.

16. Paint the mother’s belly

Do you have a friend who’s a talented artist? Invite her to decorate your belly with motifs that shed light on the baby’s sex. Keep the news safe under a garment that, when the time comes, will allow you to reveal it to everyone. The photos that will emerge will be amazing.

17. Photoshoots

Pregnancy photo shoots are an increasingly popular trend around the world. These can also be used to announce to the family whether you’re having a boy or a girl in a creative way. You can have a photoshoot with balloons and sparklers in blue if it’s a boy or pink if it’s a girl.

Another good idea to reveal the sex of the baby in a photo shoot is to wear a white T-shirt and take a sequence of two photos. In the first one, you’ll have the t-shirt on and the dad will place both hands full of paint (blue or pink) on the belly. In the second shot, the father will remove his hands and the fabric should be soaked with the paint while sending a clear message.

The best thing about photoshoots is that they provide more versatility when it comes to revealing the sex. You can make a video of the sessions and show it during the party to announce if it’ll be a boy or a girl, but you can also print postcards and send them to all your loved ones.

Apply these options to make a gender announcement to the people you love the most

Gender reveal celebrations are becoming more and more popular. If you prefer, you can do one on the day of the baby shower. The important thing is that you spend a little time strengthening family relationships and enjoying the wonderful moment of announcing whether you’re going to have a boy or a girl.

“Throughout the process of growth and development, a child may be accompanied, overprotected, or abandoned when he or she has to face, at some point, daily reality and the risks it brings with it. The family will play an irreplaceable role and can be the guide that accompanies a child from birth until he or she achieves full autonomy“.

Dr. A. Redondo Romero-

17 Gender Announcement Ideas (2024)
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