6 great Christmas movies on Netflix to stream now (2024)

6 great Christmas movies on Netflix to stream now (1)

It's impossible to avoid the feeling in the air right now. It's the holiday season! Everyone's prepping for end of year celebrations, which means plenty of parties, hangouts, and a gluttony of sweet treats on every available surface. But what to do when you're all tuckered out and in need of warm, cozy couch time? Easy. Hunker down with one of our picks of great Christmas movies on Netflix.

Our choices offer something for every cinematic palette and for every type of occasion (though don't forget our list of the best Netflix movies if you want a broader non-Xmas palette). Whether you’re watching solo, or gathered around the TV with your nearest and dearest, there’s something here for everyone. Happy Binge- I mean, Holidays!

Klaus (2019)

Runtime: 97 mins
Sergio Pablos
Age rating:

It’s hard to cook up new takes on Christmas tales, but writer-director Sergio Pablos accomplishes it with aplomb in Klaus. An alternate approach to Santa Claus’ origin story, this warm, funny movie sees young postman Jasper, voiced by Jason Schwarztman, stationed by his father in an isolated town of Smeerenburg. While he’s tasked with generating a postal service, it’s impossible as the townsfolk pride themselves on bickering and fighting.

That is until Jasper and a local toy maker Klaus, voiced by JK Simmons, become friends and vow to dispense kindness on the local children. Traditional animation brings this sweet tale beautifully to life, in a manner that's at times is both breathtaking and simple. By the time the credits roll, the movie's central message of goodwill will have you smiling from ear to ear.It's entered the Christmas movie canon for most people who've seen it.

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

Runtime: 103 mins
Clay Kaytis
Age rating:

Since he first appeared in the snowy wilds of the Antarctic as MacReady in The Thing, Kurt Russell's frosty visage and grumpy mood made him a perfect match for Santa. Granted, in that 1982 horror flick, he's not quite as cheery as he is in this modern Christmas pic, but hey. This 2018 Netflix original delves into the idea that countless kiddos have pondered for decades; what would you do if you caught Santa on film?

The Christmas Chronicles brings this to life as siblings Kate and Teddy cling to it as their Christmas wish. The duo's plan to capture Saint Nick takes them onto a winter wonderland adventure that hits mostly predictable beats, but offers a familiar, cozy denouement. But what makes this most appealing is Russell, of course, who absolutely steals the show as the gruff man of the season, cementing his version into cinematic history as one of the best Santas ever.

Single All The Way (2021)

Runtime: 101 mins
Michael Mayer
Age rating:

Recent years have found the holiday rom-com finally dragging itself into modern times with LGBTQ stories that are no longer relegated to supporting characters. Single All The Way is one such flick that finds social media manager Peter (Michael Urie) returning home for Christmas without a boyfriend. Keen to quash his family's constant barrage of love-life questions, he brings his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers), but his fake-boyfriend ruse is derailed before it begins when his mom sets him up on a blind date with her hunky instructor (Luke Macfarlane).

As rom-com fans know, you're only as good as the supporting cast, and luckily Single All The Way provides an engaging ensemble in the form of Schitt's Creek's Jennifer Robertson as Peter's sister Lisa, Kathy Najimy as his mom Carole, and Jennifer Coolidge as his wacky Aunt Sandy. The charming turn from Urie who struggles to notice what's in front of him sells this romance which has a happy ending that's just the right side of sweet.

Falling For Christmas (2022)

Runtime: 93 mins
Janeen Damian
Age rating:

Lindsay Lohan was always destined to return to the world of romantic comedies. This Netflix original is as warm and fuzzy as your favorite Christmas sweater and that’s all down to Lohan’s charm and wit. The Mean Girls star plays Sierra Belmont, an Aspen heiress who days before Christmas falls from a cliff in an engagement/skiing accident and wakes with amnesia.

When she comes to, she's nestled in the cozy lodge of Jake Russell (Glee's Chord Overstreet), who hours earlier had attempted to sell his business to Sierra's father. While the premise sounds very Hallmark movie, it avoids diving head-on into obvious cliches due to its fun, spiky script (from the writer behind cult-classic horror sequel Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, we kid you not) that includes great gags (Lohan's honorary title working for her father is 'vice president of atmosphere') and a tender turn from Lohan, as the rich snob-turned-sweetheart.

Let It Snow (2019)

Runtime: 93 mins
Luke Snellin
Age rating:

A Christmas movie for teens that's a contender for most underseen festive flick in recent years, Let It Snow wraps together three stories that all take place in the town of Laurel, Illinois. Think of it as a YA version of Love Actually with a hint of Go and you're in the vicinity of Luke Snellin's movie which adapts stories by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. The movie takes place on Christmas Eve as a snowstorm hits town, throwing its group of teenagers into a tizzy.

Let It Snow packs its runtime with likeable characters and somewhat-believable storylines in a beautiful setting that captures the frantic anxieties of teen worry along with the romance of what the future holds. The stakes feel genuine and realistic, thanks to its fresh script by Kay Cannon (Pitch Perfect), and Laura Solon (Office Christmas Party) and the starry cast of up-and-comers that includes Shameik Moore, Liv Hewson, Kiernan Shipka, Mason Gooding, Isabela Merced, and Jacob Batalon. It's frankly an outrage that this movie isn't on more best Christmas movie lists– so add it to yours.

White Christmas (1954)

Runtime: 120 mins
Michael Curtiz
Age rating: G

Michael Curtiz's 1954 flick makes it hard not to smile and embrace the festive season. This musical extravaganza stars Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye as friends Bob and Phil, a couple of World War II comrades who turn their friendship into a musical act. Writing enough showstopping tunes for a musical, their adventures find them crossing paths with sisters Betty and Judy, played by Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen.

The foursome wind up at a Vermont lodge at Christmas where the two vets win over the women through song and dance, and everyone waits for snow. This is the movie that transformed Bing Crosby's crooning classic into a well-loved smash hit, and also earned the Best Original Song Oscar back in 1942 (it originally appeared in Holiday Inn). What better way to spend the holiday than with this heart-warming wintry classic that evokes all the traditions of Christmas?

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6 great Christmas movies on Netflix to stream now (2)

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Now, let's dive into the concepts mentioned in the article you provided.

Christmas Movies on Netflix

The article discusses a selection of Christmas movies available on Netflix. It highlights several films and provides brief descriptions of each. Here are the movies mentioned:

  1. Klaus (2019): This animated film offers an alternate take on Santa Claus' origin story. It follows a young postman named Jasper and a local toy maker named Klaus who become friends and work together to bring kindness to the local children. The movie is praised for its warm and funny storytelling [[1]].

  2. The Christmas Chronicles (2018): Starring Kurt Russell as Santa Claus, this film explores the idea of catching Santa on film. Siblings Kate and Teddy embark on an adventure to capture Santa, leading to a heartwarming and cozy conclusion. Kurt Russell's portrayal of Santa is highly regarded [[2]].

  3. Single All The Way (2021): This holiday rom-com focuses on LGBTQ+ representation. Social media manager Peter returns home for Christmas without a boyfriend and brings his best friend Nick to pose as his fake boyfriend. However, things get complicated when Peter's mom sets him up on a blind date. The movie features an engaging ensemble cast and a happy ending [[3]].

  4. Falling For Christmas (2022): This Netflix original stars Lindsay Lohan as Sierra Belmont, an Aspen heiress who wakes up with amnesia after a skiing accident. She finds herself in the company of Jake Russell, who had tried to sell his business to her father. The film combines romance, charm, and wit, and Lohan's performance is praised [[4]].

  5. Let It Snow (2019): This Christmas movie for teens weaves together three stories set in the town of Laurel, Illinois. It follows a group of teenagers navigating relationships and anxieties during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. The film is known for its likable characters, believable storylines, and fresh script [[5]].

  6. White Christmas (1954): A classic musical extravaganza, this film stars Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye as friends who turn their friendship into a musical act. The story revolves around their adventures at a Vermont lodge during Christmas, where they meet sisters Betty and Judy. The film is known for its heartwarming story, showstopping tunes, and evocation of Christmas traditions [[6]].

Please note that the information provided above is based on the descriptions given in the article. If you would like more detailed information about any specific movie or have any other questions, feel free to ask!

6 great Christmas movies on Netflix to stream now (2024)
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