A Helpful Guide To Access UCSD WebReg 2022 (2024)

WebReg is a web site that provides students at UC San Diego with access to their class time table, grades, and financial assist information. It’s a just right idea to familiarize yourself with this website online before your classes begin in order that you know the way to use it and can get probably the most out of its options.

You would possibly use WebReg to sign up in classes and make schedule adjustments all through each the Enrollment by Window and Open Enrollment sessions. Refer to within theQuarterly Academic Calendarto view these periods.

NOTE: After these periods, to add, drop, or alternate, you will have to put up anEnrollment ExceptionRequest in the course of the Applications phase inStudentAccess. Add, drop, and alter closing dates are available within theQuarter Activitysegment of the Quarterly Academic Calendar.

WebReg is available from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. day-to-day, with occasional downtime for upkeep.

During the Enrollment by means of Window period, when your enrollment window opens, you've gotten 48 hours of full access before you're limited to non-prime time access (7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.), while different scholars’ enrollment windows open on an established precedence foundation.

What is WebReg?

What is WebReg?

WebReg is the reputable registration gadget for UC San Diego students. It’s used to sign in for categories, view class schedules and make changes to your agenda. You’ll also use WebReg to check in for housing at UCSD and scholar medical insurance (Health Insurance Premium Billing).

How to Access WebReg

If you might have a UCSD email deal with, you'll be able to access WebReg from webreg.ucsd.edu 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you don’t have a UCSD e mail cope with, subscribe to the loose UCSD Alumni Email service to get one and use it on-campus to log in to WebReg!

A Helpful Guide To Access UCSD WebReg 2022 (1)

Quarter-by-Quarter Guide to Using WebReg

WebReg is a helpful web site for enrolled scholars at UC San Diego. The website permits you to test your grades, check in for categories and drop classes. WebReg additionally lets in you to view to be had seats in each and every class, which will also be helpful if you're making an attempt to get into a category that has restricted seats left open when it first opens up registration.

WebReg Users Agreement

WebReg is a service supplied by means of the University of California, San Diego.

It is a web-based registration system that allows customers to register for categories, tests and campus housing.

When you utilize WebReg, you compromise to follow all guidelines set forth by UC San Diego and its departments.

WebReg is a useful web site for enrolled students at UC San Diego.

WebReg is a web page that permits enrolled scholars to register for categories. When you cross to WebReg, you can see the classes that are to be had and then check in for them.

WebReg has been utilized by UC San Diego scholars since 2004, so it’s a very great tool. It is to be had to present students who need to take extra classes or switch between ranges or majors.

WebReg is available from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. day-to-day, with occasional downtime for maintenance.

During the Enrollment by way of Window period, when your enrollment window opens, you may have 48 hours of complete access earlier than you might be restricted to non-prime time access (7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.), whilst different students’ enrollment windows open on an established priority foundation.

Continuing Students: To in finding your enrollment window, talk over withStudentAccessstarting the seventh week of the current quarter.

Once logged in to WebReg, it is possible for you to to:

  • Add a class (via second week of instruction)
  • Drop a category (through 2nd week of instruction)
  • Change the grading possibility of a category (through 2nd week of instruction)
  • Change the unit price of a variable unit course (through 2nd week of instruction)
  • Use thewaitlist optionuntil waitlists are deactivated
  • Viewco-classes
  • List the open sections of decided on classes
  • Receive confirmation of a success enrollment transactions
  • Receive error messages for unsuccessful makes an attempt to add, drop, or change enrollment
  • Be notified of any educational holds to your document
  • Verify your registration charge status


If the lecture category you're tentatively enrolled in calls for aco-class, you must effectively upload the co-class right through the same enrollment session, or you'll be dropped from the tentatively enrolled phase. If all discussions are complete, no person will likely be allowed to enroll in or waitlist the lecture.


As an undergraduate, you might join in as few as 12.Zero gadgets or as many as 20.0 devices consistent with quarter. However, undergraduate enrollment might be restricted to 18.0 gadgets till WebReg reopens after the associated fee payment cut-off date. Refer to theQuarterly Academic Calendarto view the date when the 18.Zero unit restrict is lifted to 20.0 gadgets.

Prior to the lifting of the 18.0 unit restrict, undergraduate scholars with a documented need to sign up in more than 18.Zero devices will have to contact their Academic Advising Office for help.

After the lifting of the 18.Zero unit restrict, students should download the authorization of their dean if enrolling in more than 20 (20.1) devices or enrolling in fewer than 12 gadgets.

Students with an not sure/undeclared major require the approval of the Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education.

The unit most contains units from categories you have got waitlisted. Therefore, the whole gadgets combined between enrolled and waitlisted classes should not exceed the present limit of either 18 or 20 gadgets.

Units from your waitlisted classes is not going to count towards the Minimum Required Units (MRU) for Financial Aid recipients. Units from your waitlisted categories will not be counted when verifying your general enrolled devices, since you are not formally enrolled in a waitlisted category.

The authenticRegulation 445regarding the Enrollment Unit Limitation is available on theUCI Academic Senateweb page.


As a graduate pupil, full-time instructional enrollment is expected at the University of California. Full-time study is outlined as enrollment in a minimum of 12 gadgets of upper-division or graduate educational credit in step with quarter, including credit score for supervised analysis or teaching. You would possibly sign up in lower-division courses with the approval of your instructional guide, however such courses don't seem to be thought to be to be part of any graduate program.

Ordinarily, you may not obtain credit for more than 12 devices in step with quarter in graduate classes, or 16 devices in upper-division classes, or a proportionate number in combination. Course quite a bit in excess of 16 devices will have to be authorized upfront by your Graduate Advisor.

The 16 unit maximum includes devices from classes you've gotten waitlisted. Therefore, the whole gadgets mixed between enrolled and waitlisted will have to now not exceed 16 devices.

Units out of your waitlisted categories won't count towards the Minimum Required Units (MRU) for Financial/Graduate Aid recipients. Units from your waitlisted categories may not be counted when verifying your general enrolled devices, because you don't seem to be formally enrolled in a waitlisted category.


Course restrictions are made up our minds and placed by way of the dep. providing the course. When and if a restriction is got rid of, may be made up our minds via the dept offering the path. Therefore, lessons might proceed to be limited right through all enrollment classes.

Questions relating to restriction codes placed on a direction will have to be directed to thedepartment offering the course.

Existing restrictions are identified within the Rstr column of the Schedule of Classes (SOC). Refer to our listing ofCourse Restriction Codesfor detailed descriptions of the quite a lot of restriction codes.


The standing of a path signifies the seat availability in that exact path. The status is also discovered within theStatuscolumn of the Schedule of Classes (SOC). Listed underneath are the 4 imaginable course statuses and their definitions.

OPEN—Course has seats to be had.

FULL—Course has no seats to be had; the waitlist has no seats to be had (if energetic).

Waitl—Course has no seats available; seats are to be had on the waitlist.

NewOnly—The division that provides this direction has reserved seats for new students. A New Student is a freshman or switch scholar enrolling of their first term at UCI. The number of seats reserved for new students is indicated within theNor(New Only Reserved) column of the Schedule of Classes.


You will have to sign up in classes earlier than the top of the second week of instruction. You will likely be assessed a $50 late enrollment rate if you are enrolled in zero devices or join after the top of the second week of instruction.

Failing to join in classes by means of the tip of the third week of instruction will motive you to lose your scholar standing.


The ultimate time limit for paying tuition and charges past due and/or enrolling past due is Friday, 4:30 p.m. on the finish of the 3rd week of instruction. Failing to pay tuition and fees and join by this final closing date will result in theloss of student status.


Some educational holds prevent enrollment in categories. If you've got an academic hold for your document, immediately contact the place of work that positioned the cling.

Classes are dropped if a cling remains on your report at 5:00 p.m. on the rate fee time limit.


A UCInetID and password is required to use WebReg. You mayactivateyour UCInetID during the Office of Information Technology web site. (OIT)

University places of work and college use e-mail to be in contact with scholars. This is often the most popular approach to keep in touch authentic notices referring to students status and vital class data.

Remember to check your e-mail day by day as your mailbox can fill briefly all through the first two weeks of a quarter. A full mailbox will save you the supply of new messages.

You might set a supply level that is different than your UCI e mail so that you do not omit essential bulletins.


WebReg is a helpful site for enrolled students at UC San Diego. It’s simple to access, helpful in making plans your schedule, and can be accessed from any tool or location. You can test your classes or add new ones, test your grades or check in for housing—there’s a lot of necessary knowledge on there that can help you keep knowledgeable about what’s going on at UCSD. We hope this guide has been helpful!


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Update: 2024-06-28

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A Helpful Guide To Access UCSD WebReg 2022 (2024)
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