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So you have discovered this curious large-eyed doll called Blythe and must have one for yourself. Are you like the most collectors who probably stumbled upon a photo of an odd but beautiful doll and wished to find out more only to find such dolls are made in Japan and China? If you are venturing to see where you can purchase Blythe Dolls from a reliable source without needing to travel over the planet; well you are in luck because you can purchase your cherished dolls and also have them delivered to your house in no time at This Is Blythe. In case you would prefer to buy your Blythe Dolls from a physical shop, there are no shops that carry them in the USA and Europe, so your choices are usually limited.

If you don’t know Blythe by title, you might know her from sight. She’s immediately recognizable by her huge lollipop head, vaguely manga-style eyes that sometimes change color; her look is slightly forlorn. Blythe dolls mostly sport geek-chic style hair – a thick fringe, sometimes dyed different colors – and conveys vintage-styled outfits. She is somewhere between Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry combined – except she is a doll.

Blythe is a big industry, but it didn’t start out this way. The large head and the huge eyes made the dolls too scary for little kids to play with, and Blythe was abandoned after just one year after its creation. But almost 30 yearslater, a Blythe reawakening occurred. Gina Garan, a former TV producer in New York, had been awarded a first Blythe doll with a companion. Takara,a Japanese toy company,began to generate new variations of Blythe a year later.

Blythe could have stayed a footnote to doll history had it not been for its publication in 2000 of “This is Blythe” by dear Gina Garan, which helped reestablish the doll’s fame.

There are currently Blythe conventions all over the planet, including New York, Barcelona and Berlin, where thousands of Blythe fans congregate every year. Blythe has even featured in marketing campaigns for Sony along with Alexander McQueen.

Purchasing Blythe Dolls

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Before purchasing your first Blythe make sure to read the description of the doll you’re buying to make sure to have the original size Blythe; the miniature size dolls are only about 3 inches the original is about 12 inches. While the petite dolls are adorable in their own way they aren’t exactly the same quality as the full-size dolls and don’t have eyes that are interchangeable. So in the event that you see an unbelievable price be certain to be sure that you understand which doll you’re buying.

So how can you distinguish whether you are getting a fantastic price to get a doll? There are so many different versions of Blythe dolls each girl has another face-up, hair, ensemble, and name. There’s a wonderful site that lists each doll version and just how much on average an individual is worth it to purchase her. Visit this URL to research to see if your fantasy doll is in your price range. The first Kenner dolls are extremely expensive while Takara Blythes are more common for collectors.

Custom OOAK Blythe Dolls

Another doll you might find is that a custom OOAK Blythe. Artists or “Blythe customizers” buy the dolls and then take them aside and give them makeovers – this may incorporate a new hair re-root, hair trimming, new eye chips, fresh face makeup, and wardrobe. These dolls are one of a kind and beautiful. They are more expensive because of the time and labor that has gone into them but are worthwhile to some collectors since they are custom made and therefore don’t have a fixed price label.

The most frequent way to get Blythe dolls is through ThisIsBlythe Blythe Dolls. On ThisIsBlythe, you can find new, customized and used dolls from local and global sellers. You usually can get a vast selection and may get a reasonable price. Vintage Kenners may also be located on ThisIsBlythe Blythe Dolls.

Factory Neo Blythe Dolls

You can purchase custom Blythe Doll without clothes directly from our online Factory Dolls shop. We typically carry new release dolls and a small collection but an added benefit that you could also buy clothing and accessories from the same store. Among the most exciting things modern Blythe-doll collectors like to perform together with their dolls is to dress them up in custom outfits, a few bought but many created by hand. A few daring collectors even paint or carve their dolls, giving her a tiny grin, for example.

Other Markets for Blythe Dolls

Currently, there are no stores or shops that sell Blythes anymore. Though This Is Blythe online has everything about Blythe from limited edition and most popular Blythes to the accessories, clothes and much more. Finding Blythes can be difficult in a big world. Finding the Blythe that you are looking for is the hardest part. We provide the most up-to-date search to find the best selection of Blythe dolls. We sincerely hope you will find what you are searching for. The search bar is also available to pull from the most current items for the whole spectrum of Blythe doll for sale.

We’re celebrating our 20th year in business – thank you for your support!


Blythe Dolls | Learn More About Blythe Dolls | This Is Blythe Online (3)
Blythe Dolls | Learn More About Blythe Dolls | This Is Blythe Online (2024)
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