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Many of today’s Discord users are huge fans of cute animals, memes, anime, and other cuddly wholesome things. It’s just a way of life for some people and the community recognized this, creating a bot called Mimu, which is supposed to introduce a new currency system to your server and improve it in multiple ways.

This is done by adding commands to the bot that allow it to quickly perform some actions that might have taken a real person much longer to do, such as assigning commands, fetching information, and so much more. We love the idea of Mimu Bot and we’re here to provide you with all of the information surrounding it.

We will also tell you how to add it to your server, how to remove it, as well as list some of the best commands to use! We sincerely hope that you can use this information to your advantage and improve your server!

How To Add Mimu Bot To Discord

Adding any bot to Discord is a very simple process because Discord is a modern platform that values speed and efficiency above all else. Here are all of the steps required to add a bot to your Discord server:

  1. Go to this site and click on the large Invite button on the screen
How To Set Up Mimu Bot On Discord - [Easy Guide] - Get On Stream (1)
  1. In the next window, all you have to do is to select the server you want the bot to be added to and click on Continue
How To Set Up Mimu Bot On Discord - [Easy Guide] - Get On Stream (2)
  1. In the next window, leave all of the boxes checked and click on Authorize
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Completing the last step will take you to a simple one-button captcha and that’s the end of the process! As you can see, there really aren’t too many complicated things to do here and the process doesn’t take longer than a minute.

Mimu Bot Commands

Mimu has a ton of awesome commands that are sure to help you manage your server and provide its users to have some fun at the same time. We’re going to be listing some of the most useful commands the bot has so you can use them to your advantage. Keep in mind that no matter which command you want to use, you have to add a prefix to it first.

A prefix is a condition that goes in front of a word to let the bot read it and act accordingly. The default prefix for Mimu is (.). We’re not going to be listing the prefix for every command for the sake of clarity, but keep it in mind.

General Commands

These are just some basic commands that every user should know.

  • balance <user> – displays the balance of a chosen user
  • buy [product # or name in shop] – purchases an item from the shop
  • clickmallow – spam-clicks a marshmallow for some time
  • coinflip [heads/tails] [value] – flips a coin for money
  • drop [value] – drops some cookies
  • help – shows you the help page
  • give – gives some currency to a user
  • leaderboard – displays the leaderboard for the server
  • pet – pets a chosen user
  • pick – picks up dropped cookies
  • ping – pings the bot
  • rolldice [value] – rolls the dice for a chance to earn some money
  • shop – displays the shop
  • slots [amount] – plays some slots for a chance to earn some money
  • snuggle – snuggles the bot
  • suggest – gives the bot a suggestion

Pet Commands

You can have a pet on the server and these commands help you to interact with your pet and have some fun with it. There are also a few voting commands here.

  • feed <-remind> – feeds your pet and reminds you for the next feeding time
  • play <-remind> – plays with your pet
  • playdate [user]> – sets up a pet playdate with another user
  • vote – gives you the link so you can vote for Mimu
  • votes <claim/shop/buy> – allows you vote and interact with various shops

Configuration Commands

These settings allow you to change certain aspects of Mimu Bot and they also give you some extra information.

  • set – displays current server settings
  • set prefix [new prefix] – designates a new prefix for the bot
  • ser currency [new currency symbol] – designates a new currency symbol
  • set startval [value #] – designates the amount of currency members get when they join the server
  • set mallowval [value #] – sets the new amount for marshmallow clicks
  • set dailyvalmax/workvalmin [value #] – designates the max/min amount of currency given through the snuggle command
  • set workvalmax/workvalmin [value #] – designates the max/min amount of currency given through the pet command
  • set pickvalmax/pickvalmin [value #] – designates the max/min amount of currency given through the pick command
  • set dailycooldown [mins #] – sets the cooldown for the snuggle command
  • set workcooldown [mins #] – sets the cooldown for the pet command
  • set pickchannels #channel – toggles the pick spawn
  • set pickspeed [1-5/fastest/fast/medium/slow/slowest] – toggles the pick frequency
  • set pickhard <on/off> – toggles the need for a hard code for picking
  • set blacklist #channel – toggles blacklisting
  • set embedcolor #hexcode – sets a color for bot embeds
  • set shop – starts the automated shop maker
  • set shop add/+ [price value #] [no. of product available #] [product name], <role> – adds something to the shop
  • set shop remove/- [product name] – removes something from the shop
  • set autodelete <on/off> – toggles autodelete
  • set advancedmode <on/off> – toggles advanced mode
  • set greetmsg [msg] – sets a greeting message for new members
  • set leavemsg [msg] – sets a leave message for members
  • set greetchannel [#channel] – sets a greeting channel
  • set leavechannel [#channel] – sets a leaving channel
  • set roleincome [hourly/daily/weekly] [value #] [role] – adds or removes role income
  • set betmax/min [value #] – designates the maximum amount of currency that can be wagered
  • set activityvalmax/activityvalmin [value #] – sets the maximum amount of currency that can be gained from typing in an activity channel
  • set activitychannels #channel – toggles activity channels

How To Remove Mimu Bot From Discord

Removing a bot from a server is even simpler than adding it in the first place, believe it or not. The process takes just a few seconds as you just have to right-click on Mimu Bot in the Members section of your server and click on Kick Mimu. This will just remove the bot from the server but will not prevent it from being added later. If you want to permanently remove it, just click on Ban Mimu.

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Why Is Mimu Bot Not Working?

The reason most Discord bots are down at one point or another is that their main servers might be experiencing problems or it could just be standard maintenance. You can go to the bot’s official page and check its status. If it’s down, it should be back up in a few hours, in the best case.

Wrapping Up

And that would be all we have to say about the awesome Mimu! This bot is great when you want to add a cheery element to your Discord server, along with some useful functions. We sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for and that all of your questions have been answered. You now have all of the information to add this great bot to your server and improve it immensely!

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How To Set Up Mimu Bot On Discord - [Easy Guide] - Get On Stream (2024)
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