Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids (2024)

Inside:Virtual indoor scavenger hunt lists and other fun zoom activities for students. Free scavenger hunt printable included.

Virtual indoor scavenger hunt is becoming one of the favorite Zoom activities for kids. They are also known as “around the house treasure hunts” and teachers find that these type of zoom activities with students keep them engaged in the zoom meeting for longer, as they provide a fun feeling of accomplishment and progress, and each child gets to share a bit of their world with each found item from their home.

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Depending on the theme of the game, teachers can use these indoor scavenger hunts to engage children as young as toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten students, whose attention span is better for doing active distance learning activities through a webcam.

In this post you will find:

  • Directions for playing a virtual scavenger hunt game over zoom
  • Lists of Zoom scavenger hunt ideas by theme
  • A free virtual scavenger hunt template
  • A list of fun activities to do on zoom with students (that are NOT scavenger hunts)
Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids (3)

How to play Scavenger Hunt on Zoom

  1. Cut out the squares on the printable (download for free at the bottom of this page) and put a selection of cards facing down on a surface that the students can see. You can place them on a horizontal surface and tilt down your camera or you can use blue tac to place them on a board or a notebook.
  2. One student “picks a card” so the teacher can read it out loud, then everyone goes to find the item specified on that card. The cards are “open-ended” to give the students an opportunity to use reasoning to come up with answers that would justify why their item is valid. And this also makes the game more inclusive as not all students will have specific objects in their homes.
  3. Once everyone has made it back with their item, or a pre-agreed time limit has passed, 2 or 3 students share their found item, and if it is not clear why they chose that specific thing, they have an opportunity to share with the group why they chose that object.

A great thing about this zoom activity is that the teacher can extend it for as many rounds as they need to. The printable provides you with 36 “find it” prompts, but it is easy to come up with more on the spot if you need them (TIP: think of colors, objects that start with a specific letter or that have a specific shape/texture, etc.)

You can also use the “find it” prompt ideas categorized by theme that you can find below on this page (section called “Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas”)

Good tip: Mute everyone between rounds and just unmute the student who’s turn is to pick a letter or to share their found item with the group.

It could also be fun if the teacher joins some rounds and tries to find things in their own home but “struggles” and finds the wrong item from time to time so the children can call them out.

No ink? No problem.

Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids (4)

If the lockdown caught you with an empty printer, you can either use the video below or do what I did and DIY your scavenger hunt cards by hand. Use the text prompts from this page or the ones that come with the free printable.

When I played this with my Preschool group we had to keep the activity under 40 minutes (because we are using the free version of Zoom) and we only had time to do about 6 rounds, so don’t worry! you don’t have to make that many cards to keep the game engaging for a good amount of time.

Alternative way to play using video:

Share your screen with the group and let one student say “stop!” when they want you to pause the video (an .mp4 version of the video is included with your files when you download the free printable for this zoom game).

If you don’t want to share your screen, you can play the video using your phone or a tablet and pausing it in front of the camera.

Video version of this virtual scavenger hunt for kids

Ways the students can “pick a card” virtually

Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids (5)

Choosing a number

Make number cards (or use these animals 1 to 10 printable numbers). This is great for practicing numeral recognition in preschool.

For older students, you can place the cards in a row and let them choose the card by naming the numerical position that they want (first, second, third, etc). I find that this option is fantastic when doing an indoor scavenger hunt for 4 year olds that are about to go to school.

Choosing a letter

Make letter cards (or use these vowels flashcards printable). This is great for practicing letter recognition.

Choosing a color

Cut out bits of different colors of construction paper. Or fold-back one side of the card, using the cards in the color version of the printable, which have borders of different colors (download at the end of this page). This is great for playing the indoor scavenger hunt for toddlers and younger preschool kids.

Choosing a shape

Cut out different shapes of paper. You could mix shapes and colors so the kids can have more variety of choices. This is a good one for playing the scavenger hunt as a virtual activities for toddlers.

Choosing a position

Place a “focus object” in the center and arrange the cards under, on top and next to it. The focus object can be as simple as a drawing of a smiley face. Or you could make use a box or a jar, and place one card inside of it to give the kids the positional option of “inside”.

You could mix some or all of the ways above to cover a wider range of Maths and Literacy topics.

Choosing a toy or a cartoon character

If you are not having much success engaging the children into joining in, you can assign a toy or a picture of a cartoon character to the cards. There is nothing wrong with using characters that you already know that your students love to engage them in the virtual activity.

This is a good strategy for an indoor scavenger hunt for preschoolers that need more confidence to speak in front of a group and don’t want to feel “tested” by answering numbers, letters, etc.


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Horizontal VS Vertical surfaces

If you are placing the cards on a horizontal surface, you can place the prompts of your choice on top of the cards that you want to use for that round, so the children have to call out the number that they wish to “pick”.

If you are using a vertical surface (board, notebook, wall, etc.), use blue tac to place the cards in a row, and either write the prompt (number, letter, color, shape) directly on the surface that you are using or place the prompt on top or under the cards available for that round.

How to Play Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Use the free printable (get it at the bottom of this page) and send it to the children beforehand so their parents can print it or display it on their device. The children choose only one page to play on each round (there are four pages available) and the cards are shuffled. To make more rounds (ad have more winners) you can play that the first one to complete a line of 3 found objects in the same row or column wins the round.

How is this game educational for Preschool and Kindergarten?

Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids (6)

The game can be linked to different areas of the early years’ curriculum, more specifically:

Numeracy / Literacy / Maths: The interactive way of “picking” a card lets the child practice: numeral recognition, colors, letters, or positions, depending on the logistics decided by the teacher.

Behaviour Management: The students practice taking turns being the person in charge of “picking” a card.

Speaking and self-confidence: The children practice speaking in front of a group when they are the only person unmuted and can share their found item with the rest of the students.

Understanding and attention: With support from their grown-up, the children need to understand the instructions of the card each round in order to be able to find a suitable item.

Technology: The students use an internet connection and a device (laptop, desktop, phone, tablet) in order to do the activity.

Physical Development: The children need to be moving around the house (safely) in order to find the objects each round.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Here is a list of ideas for virtual scavenger hunt games that you can do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten children, depending on what topics you want to work on.

Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Toddlers and Pre-K

My Five Senses Scavenger Hunt

  • Find something that people can eat
  • Find something that smells nice
  • Find something that feels warm
  • Find something that feels cold
  • Find something that you can use to look at yourself

Clothing Scavenger Hunt

  • Find something that you can wear on your head
  • Find something that you can wear to get warm
  • Find something that you can wear in your hands
  • Find something that you can wear on your feet
  • Find something that you can wear on your “______” (feet, head, etc) when it’s wet.
  • Find something that you can wear to dress-up

Textures Scavenger Hunt

  • Find something squeezy
  • Find something crunchy
  • Find something smooth
  • Find something bumpy
  • Find something rough

Colors Scavenger Hunt

  • Find something blue (green, yellow, silver or any other color)
  • Find something dark
  • Find something light-colored
  • Find something with 2 colors
  • Find something transparent

Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Preschool and Kindergarten

Zoom Maths Scavenger Hunt

Numbers Scavenger Hunt

  • Find something with numbers on it
  • Find something with the number “X” on it
  • Find “X number” things that are (any color)
  • Find 1 more (or less) thing than the number shown (you can draw numbers or use these number cards)

Shapes, Space and Measure Scavenger Hunt

  • Find something smaller than your hand
  • Find something bigger than your hand
  • Find something square
  • Find something triangular
  • Find something rectangular
  • Find something round
  • Find something that can change shape
  • Find something empty
  • Find something full
  • Find something longer than your thumb
  • Find something shorter than your foot
  • Find something flat
  • Find something liquid
  • Find something 3D

Zoom Literacy Scavenger Hunt

Letters Scavenger Hunt

  • Find something that starts with the first letter of your name
  • Find something that looks like the letter “___”
  • Find something that starts with the letter “__”

Phonics Scavenger Hunt

  • Find something that starts with the sound “_______ “
  • Find something that has the sound “_________”
  • Find something that ends with the sound “________”

Rhymes Scavenger Hunt

  • Find something that rhymes with your name
  • Find something that rhymes with ________ (any simple word), some examples: dog, cricket, cat, whale, toy, pillow, home, pan.

Media and Materials Scavenger Hunt

  • Find something that you made
  • Find something that uses batteries
  • Find something with buttons
  • Find something you can use for building
  • Find something you can use as a tool
  • Find something made of wood
  • Find something made of plastic
  • Find something made of metal
  • Find something made of fabric

Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Random and Fun Things

  • Find something that makes you happy
  • Find something with a face on it
  • Find something healthy
  • Find something that moves
  • Find something that makes a noise
  • Find something with wheels
  • Find something clean
  • Find something from nature

Lists of Zoom Games for Kids

Here you have a few lists of fun Zoom activities for kids that are not scavenger hunt:

Zoom Ideas and Tips for Distance Learning by Pocket of Preschool

Zoom Activities for Kinder by Simply Kinder

Using Zoom for Preschool by Ish Mom

Fun Games to Play with Kids on Zoom by And Next Comes

12 Super Fun Games to Play with Kids by Parade

Zoom Activities to Use with Distance Learning by Lucky Little Learners

20 Virtual Games for Kids using Zoom by Ministry to Children

If you know of more fun zoom activities for students that you think should be included in this list please send us a DM on Instagram.

About the Zoom Scavenger Hunt Printable

Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids (7)

The Free download includes:

  • PDF with 4 pages in color (36 different “find it” cards)
  • PDF with 4 pages in black and white (36 different “find it” cards)
  • 2 Pages of instructions and ways to play the zoom activities
  • 1 mp4 video of the animated “find it” cards

Download PDF

Option 1(Teachers Pay Teachers account required)

Option 2(Gumroad – no account required)

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Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids (2024)


What are some good treasure hunt clues for kids? ›

Scavenger Hunt Clues for Kids
  • I have four legs and no feet. ...
  • Tall and thick, all homes have me. ...
  • I can get wetter as I dry. ...
  • Give me a tap and I can give you some suds. ...
  • This is a flat box that holds colors and sounds. ...
  • When you are hungry, give me bread. ...
  • I have blades, but I am not a knife.
Feb 1, 2024

What are good scavenger hunt questions? ›

The 35 Best Scavenger Hunt Clues for Adults
  • If I'm on the road, you'll have a decision to make. ...
  • I am two things: an instrument and a shape. ( ...
  • Looking for the best way to avoid the doctor's office? ...
  • I don't move; however, you may find me running around your backyard but never in the house. (
May 6, 2022

How do you make a virtual scavenger hunt for students? ›

A few of the steps involved include:
  1. Create a list of items, riddles, and/or questions.
  2. Choose a virtual platform for hosting (e.g. Zoom, scavenger hunt app, etc.)
  3. Set a start time and date.
  4. Share the rules with participants.
  5. Go hunting!
  6. Tally scores and determine winners.
  7. Post-event hangout, event, slideshow, etc.
Feb 16, 2023

What are some good scavenger hunt clues and answers? ›

FAQ: Scavenger hunt clues
  • If you want to eat, then take a seat! (Dining room chair)
  • One of me per day keeps the doctor away. (Apple)
  • I can't mix batter, but I can bake a cake. (Oven)
  • I come in pairs, I'm easy to lose, I go between your feet and your shoes. (Socks)
Nov 30, 2022

How to do a fun scavenger hunt for kids? ›

How to play:
  1. Create a list of things to find, hear or do. ...
  2. Create a time limit (optional).
  3. Give children the list and let them scavenge around and find, smell or do all of the things on their list.
  4. The player or team who ticks everything off on their list first, or ticks off the most items before the time is up, wins.

How long should a virtual scavenger hunt last? ›

We would recommend your virtual scavenger hunt team building activity to be around 60 mins. Also, the rules of a virtual scavenger hunt should be set before the start. This will help participants know what they are supposed to do and how to go about it.

How do you play scavenger hunt on Facetime? ›

Scavenger hunt

We recommend creating a list of items everyone on the video call needs to find. From there, everyone will need to search for the items in their house or outside and take photos of everything they can find on the scavenger hunt list. Whoever gets the most on the list wins!

What is an online scavenger hunt called? ›

These activities are also known as an Online Scavenger Hunt, Zoom Scavenger Hunt, Digital Scavenger Hunt or Virtual Treasure Hunt.

How can I make my scavenger hunt more interesting? ›

Write your riddles/clues

Any scavenger hunt needs the aid of some riddles and/or clues to help your players along their journey. In order to find the hidden items, you need to write some captivating and brain-teasing riddles or clues and each riddle or clue can bring your players one step closer to the final result.

How do you make a scavenger hunt unique? ›

Field trip scavenger hunt ideas include:
  1. Certain colors or shapes.
  2. Items in an exhibit at the museum.
  3. Items with a logo on them.
  4. Specific rides at a carnival or amusem*nt park.
  5. Types of animals at the zoo.
  6. Vendors that sell specific food items (cotton candy, popcorn)
  7. Words or letters from signs.
Aug 19, 2022

How many clues should a scavenger hunt have? ›

If you're running the hunt for kids and want it to be relatively short, you should not have more than 10 items, as it will become overwhelming for them. However, if you're aiming for a longer game with adults who can quickly decipher clues, your items could range anywhere from 20 to 50.

How do you make a digital treasure hunt? ›

Start with a template, come up with questions or quests, and upload your own images. Treasure Hunt offers amazing branding opportunities. You can easily customize the game to match your brand style. Easily embed your game onto your website or use a standalone page to quickly share your game with users.

Is there a free scavenger hunt app? ›

Actionbound is one of the more basic free scavenger hunt apps. The platform originally started as an educational tool, and has since morphed into a digital scavenger hunt provider for companies, educational institutions, and individuals.

How do you make a fun treasure map for kids? ›

What to Do
  1. Tear off the bottom of a paper bag and cut a side seam to fully open the bag.
  2. Crumple the paper. ...
  3. Use markers to draw a map of your imaginary journey.
  4. Draw an X on one part of the map where the treasure is hidden. ...
  5. Paint the map with water, spreading the colors.

How do you make a treasure hunt for a 12 year old? ›

Make a great treasure.

Decorate a box with pictures or construction paper, then fill it with goodies such as candy, coins, or toys. The treasure doesn't have to be a thing. You can set up a great meal, party area, or a game so that the kids arrive at a fun "secret grove."

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